sunnuntai 25. maaliskuuta 2012

The troubles of Nokia continue

Last year (12.2.11) I wrote the decision of Nokia's new manager Stephen Elop to kill the Finnish Symbian and MeeGo smartphone platforms and jump into Windows Phone was a reckless move. It seems to be true.

First the good news. According to StatCounter, the independent website analytics company. The firm's StatCounter Global Stats shows Symbian has preserved it's global lead in the last 13 months staying in 31%. In several countries the phone has even increased the percent portion.

Nokia's Windows Phone "Lumia" has gained in Finland near 5% of the polls taking space from Android, iPhone and also Symbian.

And then the bads. Lumia's success in every other country but Finland is feeble. Even the best countries like United Kingdom , which Nokia has raised as an example of success are sticking under 1%. The Symbian graphs have kept downhill and have formed quite dramatic pictures in some countries like China.

Some might be conclusions. The new, improved Symbian models like Belle have probably helped to keep Symbian alive. The development of those phone models started long before the new command of the company. E.g. the developing of the powerful Nokia Belle 808 PureView took it's origin some 5 years ago. It will be published next May.

It is impossible to say what impact has the speeches of Nokia management about ending Symbian had upon Symbian downhill. Anyway the bending down of several graphs in the turn of the year, concurrently with the campaign of Lumia, is slight but visible. Why?

In my opinion Statcounter graphs are reliable and very near to truth. However they tell the online situation in this moment. They don't tell very much about the future which depends on other factors.

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